Saturday, January 07, 2006

Covering the Police

By Claude D. McKinney – Gulf Region Division – US Army Corps of Engineers

The Azady Police Station has expanded its guardhouse, received a new entry gate, covered parking for nine vehicles, and undergone a complete renovation of the interior of the building to include new doors, windows, restrooms, heating and air conditioning units, paint, floor tile, lighting, roofing, and water supply.

These changes will enhance the working conditions for the police officers working there, and, by extension, make the people within the community of 1.5 million safer.

β€œOne of the keys to an independent and functioning Iraq is their ability to govern themselves. That means they have to be able to enforce their laws. That task largely falls to the police departments in each city,” said David Crumpton the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Resident Engineer in Sulaymaniyah. [continue reading]. (You may receive a warning message about the risk of entering this site. I receive this information from CENTCOM. It is most likely the message was prompted because the URL begins with numbers. It is up to you.)

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