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Daily Briefing on Iran 2/26/2006

There have been many things happening in Iran which I am afraid not too many people are being made aware, because all I have heard for the past 2 weeks is ports. It won't be the ports. Don't you understand that? You must watch Iran! (North Korea, Russia and China as well.)

Friday, February 17, 2006, these articles were published by Daily Briefing on Iran.
Kenneth R. Timmerman, examined the problems of current American broadcasts into Iran and what needs to be done to correct the problems. A must read. Times Online also reported that America has dramatically increased its funding for Iranian human rights groups and dissidents.
You may read the all the stories written that day and each day by following the link of the name of the site.

On Saturday, February 18, these articles were published by Daily Briefing on Iran:
BBC News reported that US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice accused Tehran of being the central banker for terrorism around the world. Michael Ledeen, National Review Online reported on how the leaders of the Iranian regime see the West’s strength and resolve and why they appear so confident. A must read.
There is also many humanitarian articles which demand close attention.
Radio Free Europe reported that Iranian opposition figure Hojat Zamani has been executed. Reporters Without Borders expressed concern over reports that imprisoned journalist Elham Afrotan was in a coma after a suicide attempt. Iran Press News also reported on Ehlam Afroutan adding that the regime's interrogators tortured and gang-raped her before she slipped into a coma and is said to have died.
Sunday, February 19, 2006, the Daily Briefing on Iran has these articles to present:
ElBaradei Tries to Undo Western Unity on Iran?
Xinhuanet reported that Mohammed ElBaradei suggested a compromise on the Iranian nuclear issue, allowing Iran to conduct small-scale enrichment work. The Iranians welcomed this idea. The Telegraph reported that Iran's hard-line spiritual leaders have issued an unprecedented new fatwa, or holy order, sanctioning the use of atomic weapons against its enemies. Iran Focus reported that a senior delegation from the radical Palestinian group Hamas will travel to Tehran on Monday to meet and hold talks with senior Iranian officials. Dan Darling, The Weekly Standard published a must read review of the ties of Iran and Al Qaeda, based on the 9/11 Commission Report and major mainstream US and European sources.
You really should read the link itself, The Daily Briefing on Iran, to do justice. I will now just give the dates, unless I notice something of vital importance. If I do not see it, does not make it unimportant!
Monday the 20, Reuters reported that once again a small bomb shook the Iranian oil city of Ahvaz, a center of much unrest. Kenneth R. Timmerman, News Max reported that a top Pentagon official, responsible for tracking Saddam Hussein's weapons programs, provided the first-ever account of how the Russians "cleaned up" Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction stockpiles. John Patrick Quirk, RealClearPolitics examined Iran's defensive strategy. Salena Zito, The said we are at a defining moment in our history when Islamic fascists are determined to end Western culture and we must act decisively. And finally, SMCCDI reported that the theocratic regime has increased the wave of repression to boost the existing fear among Iranians, executing two more Iranians.

Tuesday the 21, Iran Press News reported that political prisoner journalist, Mostafa Jowkar who was transferred to a hospital due to complications from heart disease, was returned to Evin prison without proper medical care. Iran Press News reported that 11 regime murderers were present at the despicable execution of political prisoner, Hodjat Zamani.

Wednesday the 22, Arabic News reported that the Syrian and Iranian governments are to convene a high-level meeting in Damascus on Wednesday to discuss what they say is the "White House's offensive." Rooz Online reported on the increasing number of executions of dissidents in Iran whose backgrounds range from political activism to young women, children, and men.

Thursday the 23, Iran Press News reported that Tehran university students gathered to protest. The students were heard chanting: "Political prisoners must be released" and singing the song: NO, NO, NO which is the new anthem against the Islamic regime. The Women of Iran are asking for the international media to join them March 8th in Tehran, for the commemoration of: The International Women's Day in Tehran - to fight for our freedom. SMCCDI reported that on Tuesday March 14th, millions of Iranians will defy once again, the Islamic republic regime as they gather in an act of civil disobedience to celebrate the famous "Tchahr Shanbe Soori" (Fire Fiest). Iran Press News reported that dissident Akbar Ganji's wife said the regime is trying to keep him off of the public's mind. (Ganji prison sentence is supposed to be completed in less than a month). Iran Press News produced a petition asking for the Iranian regime to spare the life of political prisoner Saeed Masouri.

Friday the 24, Saturday the 25, Iran Press News reported that the Islamic regimes radio, IRIB, in an analysis, attested to planting bombs in holy Shiite areas in Iraq to create chaos and crisis. Chester, The Adventures of Chester argued that war with Iran may have already begun. Asia Times reported that after the attack several al-Qaeda members in Iran have been moved to safe houses run by Iranian intelligence near Tehran. and

Sunday the 26, Human Events interviewed Michael Ledeen, who explained why pushing a democratic revolution within Iran is the wisest policy the United States can pursue with Iran. Deutsche Welle reported that German police launched a nationwide raid against a suspected spy ring with links to Iran, who were interested in missile technology.
If you would like to keep up with this information, either go to Daily Briefing on Iran, Causes of Interest, or DoD Daily News.

Please do not give up on the Iranian people. They are not the regime, and they did not vote for this maniac. They boycotted the elections after much fraud was present. The Ayatollah was going to get who he wanted, no matter what. So many people that wanted to run were not allowed to run. They have to pass the Ayatollah's inspection.

Also, how would you like to be hung for voicing your opinion? For protecting yourself against a rapist? It is insane over there, and they are reaching out for our help. Please do not abandon them.

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