Monday, March 20, 2006

CENTCOM: Week in Review 3/20/2006

This is an article written by Army Capt. Junel Jeffrey who is with the Office of Security Cooperation-Afghanistan Religious and Cultural Affairs. She has written a wonderful article on the International Women's Day Celebration that took place March 8, 2006. Here is an excerpt:

Photo Courtesy of Office of Security Cooperation
More than 150 women attended the Ministry of Defense Women’s Day event March 1, which recognized the important role women play in society.

KABUL , Afghanistan -- International Women’s Day is a tradition that represents more than nine decades of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development. It is a day people across the globe pause to pay tribute to women and observe the contributions they have made throughout history. [read more]

Over in Iraq, we another story written by Staff Sgt. Melissa Koskovich, US Air Force, Special to American Forces Press Service. This is about the air base they have constructed and prepared for the Iraqi Air Force, so they will be able to take over when we are gone. Here is an exerpt:

Photo by Master Sgt. Lance Cheung, US Air Force U.S. Air Force
Tech. Sgt. Charles Franks observes and instructs Iraqi crew chiefs inspecting a propeller on an Iraqi air force C-130E Hercules cargo aircraft. Franks is part of the Multinational Security Transition Command Iraq, Coalition Air Force Transition Team. The Iraqi trainees are members of the 23rd Squadron, assigned to Al Muthana Air Base on Baghdad International Airport.
BAGHDAD, March 3, 2006 – A fully certified aircrew takes flight, and a single air base opens its gates. These feats represent giant steps toward independence and national security to Iraqi airmen training side by side here with U.S. Air Force members.

Since November, the U.S. Air Force has taken on the mission of standing up the Iraqi air force, enabling Iraqis to gradually take over operations and help secure their nation's future. [read more]
This next article, written by Tech. Sgt. Cindy Dorfner, US Air Force, is a very good one. Many people do not seem to understand the troubles we face or the locations which we are located. The Horn of Africa is a very dangerous place in this world. There are many pirates, as you so aptly captured last week. Great job! Now for an excerpt of her article:

Photo by Tech. Sgt. Cindy Dorfner, US Air Force
Left to right: U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Timothy Ghormley, Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa commander; Maj. Gen. P.O. Awitta, Kenyan Navy commander; and Hon. William Bellamy, U.S. Ambassador to Kenya perform the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Manda Bay Boat Ramp project Feb. 28.

The boat ramp, which cost more than $500,000 and was funded by the CJTF-HOA, allows the Kenyan Navy smoother access to patrols along coastal and international waters. These patrols are crucial to the global war on terror, according to General Ghormley.
Before the construction of the boat ramp, Kenyan Naval personnel, along with U.S. Navy personnel based out of Manda Bay, were at the mercy of scheduling and Mother Nature for operations.

With no choice but to use a crane, which costs $40,000 a month, to get boats in the water, the schedule was dependent upon the availability of the crane operator, said U.S. Navy Engineman 2nd Class Jeffrey Waldron.

While the crane operator’s schedule is mostly flexible, nature usually isn’t. Getting the boat into and out of the water by crane is only possible during high tide, said Petty Officer Waldron, who is deployed here from San Diego. [read more]
I shall have some more news tomorrow. One on the USS Reagan, and one on the girls during Woman's Day. I shall find even more than that! Have a great day.

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