Friday, April 14, 2006

Hilton to oust veteran-honoring steakhouse

From World Net Daily.

Hilton to oust veteran-honoring steakhouse restaurant serves free dinners every Friday to disabled soldiers

A Washington, D.C., restaurant that has been serving free steak dinners to disabled veterans recovering at nearby military hospitals is scheduled to be closed at the end of this month after its host hotel, the Capitol Hilton, enforces the termination of its lease.

According to the news article, each Friday for the past three years, Fran O'Brien's Stadium Steakhouse hosts veterans and their families – and the cost is picked up by its owners. The service personnel come from Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

E-mails circulating on the Internet indicate that Hilton is ousting O'Brien's due to liability concerns of having so many disabled people on the premises, some of whom descend the stairs to the basement restaurant, but the hotel denies that has anything to do with the ending of the lease.

Bosun's note: I requested permission from the reporter who wrote the story for World Net Daily, Ron Strom, to repost the article. Ron suggested that I post a couple paragraphs lead in and link it to the World Net Daily article.

I emailed Hilton Hotel corporate headquarters with my concerns and asked for their side of the story. Unfortunately, they ignored my request and have not been forthcoming. I encourage each of you read the article at World Net Daily and email Hilton Corporate Management for more information. Lets get to the bottom of this story.

The link to the news article: Hilton to oust veteran-honoring steakhouse


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Editor's Note: Blackfive has more information over at his site as well. Indeed, should you care to join 'Operation Perish Hilton' to show our troops our support, click on over yonder. This is incredulous.

Update: Over at Welcome to Andi's World, they are doing a fine job of collecting questions (unrepeated ones) to ask the Hilton on Monday when they sit down for their formal interview to voice some of our concerns. I highly recommend you keep it polite, or it will not be chosen as a question. Do I make myself clear? Good! That does NOT mean you may not ask tough questions, just be polite about it. Thank you.

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