Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bagram PRT Bridges the Gap to Freedom

Photo by Air Force Capt. Mark D. Gibson, Bagram PRT

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan - Air Force Lt. Col. Donald Koehler, Bagram Provincial Reconstruction Team commander from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and distinguished guests participate in the ribbon cutting of the newly opened bridge in Parwan Province.

Written by Air Force Capt. Mark D. Gibson,
Bagram Provincial Reconstruction Team

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan - The snowcapped Hindu Kush melts under the mid-day day sun into the Darsahe Koklami River. Water rushes down the mountainside under a recently opened vehicle bridge in the Salang Valley.

The bridge will now connect the valley to more than 15 villages thanks to the cooperation and partnership between the Bagram Provincial Reconstruction Team and Governor Jabar Taqwa of the Parwan Province. [continue reading]

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