Sunday, May 07, 2006

Greg is going home tomorrow!

Greg will be leaving the hospital tomorrow with his wife, Sher. He has been in pain due to the operation he had to biopsy some lympnodes to see if they were cancerous, but he will finally get to go home.

Sher will finally be able to lay out full throttle on her own bed, instead of that tiny couch with the two-inch thing they call a mattress! That is going to be a blessing in itself. She has been a trooper, and he has been a brave soul.

Many of you have written cards and letters, and they are deeply appreciated. Just imagine. A little 37-cent stamp, a card and/or letter, and a little time and effort can truly brighten the day of a Soldier (and spouse!) who has been taken out of duty not by the enemy, but by disease. I thank God we have the medical knowledge, and the Soldiers' Angels, to help save this husband/father's life. God bless you all.

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