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Iraqi Force Raid Takes Down 'Death Squad' Cell in Baghdad

Release Date: 7/25/2006
Release Number: 06-07-02P
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BALAD - The Iraqi Army forces are becoming stronger everyday. They are having more successes, even during the loses. What they need to do is to put a stop to these attacks, and that is just what they have set out to do.

On the 25th of July, they performed a pre-dawn raid on at least four buildings. These four are the prize. The six terrorists that were captured are believed to be members of the "death squad" activities. This is one of the reasons these buildings have been targeted.

The coalition advisors watched as the Iraqi Soldiers performed their objective in Southwest Baghdad. One of the cells the Iraqi's captured is believed to be the leader of the entire cell unit. The five other terrorists captured are believed to be key members of the 'punishment committee.' Can you say Sadr?

No, they did not capture him, because he is right out there in plain sight. He is, however, an Iranian government puppet. This is how the Iranians are managing to infest the newly formed government.

During the raid, they did confiscate two AK-47 assault rifles, one pistol, and one set of body armor. There were no injuries or deaths on this operation. Great job, guys!

Multinational Corps – Iraq
Joint Operations Center
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U.S. Central Command
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Editor's Note: This is not entirely the press release. I have added some of my personal views. To read the actual press release, here is the link. Thank you, and have a great day.

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