Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Brotherly Love

How can one express their emotions when they hear about the fallen heroes in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and all the other countries across this world? Just ask a fellow Marine, Soldier, Sailor, SEAL, Air Force Pilot, National Guardsmen and all the members of the US of A Military.

They are in pain, they are angry, and they are grateful to have had the opportunity to know their brother at arms. I'm quite sure there is a whole field of emotions I have not mentioned, and I could only touch the surface in such a case.

One thing is for sure, they must be remembered in the light which their lives had been cut short. We are proud to have known these very special people. They died with honor, they shall always be remembered, and they shall have all the respect due them.

What did they do that caused their lives to be cut short? How many lives did they save? Did they fall on a live grenade to save his brothers? Did he give cover so his men could get out of an ambush?

We hear the numbers. Okay, we get it, but how did they die? Why cannot we know about these heroes, and their heroic actions? Unselfishly giving of themselves so that we might live, and we don't even know how many lives were saved, how many of the enemy they took out first, or anything else? This is absurd.

But what of the men that go to their funerals in the field? Ah, I asked a very dear friend of mine, The Bos'un, that exact question. He is a 30 Navy man (ret.), and I realized how stupid a question it was as soon as I asked it. Of course he would know the answers to this question. After all, he is a Navy man. He is the one who sent me a copy of the link of the video you have just seen. This was my response:
    I love it. Not the cause of it, but the outpouring of love and brotherhood behind it. People just don't get it. Maybe this will help, maybe it won't. The people who do understand will, and that's what matters. :)
Yes, my heroes will understand, and that is important. I want to understand as much as possible, as well, though. Please, if any newspeople read this article, please tell us more than the numbers. These men had lives, they had family, they were courageous. Do not dishonor or deny them their remembrance or their heroic status in our history books.

They did not go to war for your political agenda, or that of anyone else's. Shock of all shocks. Do not use them for your political agenda. They are not pawns for you. After all, it is they, not you, whom uphold your right to have free speech...
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