Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two terrorists killed, 27 suspected detained

Friday, 01 December 2006.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Coalition Forces killed two terrorists and detained 27 suspected terrorists in multiple raids Friday targeting al-Qaida terrorists throughout the region.

During a raid in the Taji area, Coalition Forces assaulted the target area and engaged enemy forces, killing one terrorist and wounding a female local national who was being used as human shield by the terrorist. The female was treated on site and immediately transported by Coalition aircraft to a nearby military hospital where she is in stable condition. Ground forces also detained 14 suspected terrorists at the raid including a known foreign fighter facilitator.

In Yusufiyah, ground forces were searching a foreign fighter safe house when they encountered an armed terrorist. The terrorist was killed while resisting capture. The search of the area revealed a weapons cache consisting of multiple machine guns, ammunition, fuses and rocket-propelled grenade rounds. The weapons cache was destroyed on site.

Coalition Forces also detained one Vehicle borne improvised explosive device cell leader and eight suspected terrorists in a Baghdad raid. These terrorists were conducting of a meeting when Coalition Forces swept in and captured the cell leader and his associates. Upon a thorough search of the target, Coalition Forces discovered numerous small arms weapons and one vehicle prepared with explosives.

Two other raids netted four more detainees during operations in the Tarmiya area.

Terrorists continue to deliberately place innocent Iraqi women and children in danger by their actions and presence.

These and other foreign terrorist facilitators are killing innocent Iraqis daily and preventing the peace and stability Iraqi citizens deserve.

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