Thursday, May 17, 2007

Military News: 17 May 2007

There is no military news for 16, because I presented those seperately. Today I only have two, so this should be okay.

The first one is Admiral Fallon Tours U.S. Army Central Facilities in Kuwait. It isn't very long. It covers his first visit to the US Central Command. He started with Camp Buehring Training Village this past Sunday. When he spoke to his Soldiers, he let them know that he was depending on them to stablize the region. They are the last best hope. [Continue reading.]

The next article is a nice one. The title is, "Qatari finds talent as translator during MNF military exercises." It is about a Qatari man who finds his talents in a place where he was not looking, but he is enjoying his find. He has been chosen as an interpreter. It is a remarkable story, should you choose to read it. lol.

Have a really great day and weekend. Be careful, and keep your heads down. Godspeed.

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