Sunday, May 27, 2007

Military News: 27 May 2007

I have several article today, but the most bothersome is the one where I report that one of the three missing in action Soldiers has been found killed in action. I don't want to imagine how those animals murdered him. Can we take the gloves off NOW? I know. I doubt it, too. Then what are we doing? They aren't afraid of us, and we won't win like that. We need to make them afraid of their own shadow. May God put that fear in the hearts, even though our politicians won't.

Here are the titles of the articles:
Exposing the Enemy: 27 May 2007.
Iraqis taking the lead at Al Suleikh.
C-17 employs 'screamer' in combat airdrop.
Al Qaim detachment plays role in Iraq transition.
Soldiers help legitimize Iraq’s legal system.
German Navy Detachment Donates Vehicles.
School Receives Supplies, Toys and Medical Attention.
Paratroopers Take Stock of Success in Sha'ab.
They are all quite good. I'm just not up to writing right now. Please forgive me. Have a very nice Memorial Day. Remember them sometime during the day, today and everyday.

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