Thursday, June 14, 2007

ANA aviators partner with U.S. counterparts

I received this news on Monday, June 11, 2007. I have been busy trying to set up a new site for someone, read my email that I haven't gotten around to, and so many other things to do. But enough about me. lol.

Our Army is doing fine job training the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) how to deliver supplies in such a way that they will be successful in their efforts. They are training together, and we are teaching them why (and how) it is important to prepare for the mission on the ground. This is very important, because it can save lives. It is very difficult to learn on the job when something goes wrong in the air.

The article was written by Sgt. 1st Class Krishna M. Gamble of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade Public Affairs, and you can find it here. Have a great day.

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