Monday, December 31, 2007

I moved to Rosemary's Thoughts

I will be moving the articles already written here to Rosemary's Thoughts. They will not disappear. When I have moved them, I will leave the title with a link to the article for which you are searching. They will now be at Rosemary's Thoughts.

DoD Daily News-2 will remain the same as it is until I move that one, also, to Rosemary's Thoughts. It carries the full text of articles that are sent to me by CentCom, MNF-I, CJTA-HOA, press releases and news reports, along with any news I come across.

It has truly been an honor serving you, my readers, and I pray for brighter days and a better world. God bless you, and take care. Oh yeah, come visit me over at my new site! :)

Update: Please scroll down to read Bos'un and Debbie's articles. Just because I'm moving, doesn't mean the site is closing. Sorry for that wrong impression! Have a great day. :)

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