Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kabul People Support the Removing of Security Barriers

Afghan Warrior is a blogger in Afghanistan who works closely as an interpreter with our troops. He writes articles somewhat frequently, and he also allows me to spread the word about how the situation is proceding in Afghanistan through his eyes. Seeing as he is an Afghani, he will have a cultural and nationalistic point of view that could be useful to understanding the Afghani peoples. This article is one he has written on January 7, 2006.
The people of the capital Kabul support the decision of their government regarding the removal of the security barriers from the streets of Kabul. These barriers create a huge traffic congestion in Kabul, which the people of Kabul have been complaining about for the last 3 years via radio and TV. They say that Kabul belongs to the people of Kabul, and it is not up to others to block its road and footpaths. In some parts of the city, the UN and some other civil and military organizations have blocked the footpaths with security barriers like barbed wire and concrete, so people have to walk on the road, which is not safe. The drivers also complain about this because they can't drive fast so they have to drive slowly.

The UN and other military and foreign organizations should understand the problems of the people and traffic and they have to agree with the decision of the Afghan government. If not, then they can move around Kabul city. It's also for their benefit, because they can rent a place much cheaper. Also, those areas are much safer than the city, because the city is crowded and the enemies take advantage of the crowd Then they can easily attack but in those areas, if any unknown person gets close to any base, the security guards can easily identify them and can take action.

In my opinion the UN and other organizations have the right to have security barriers around their bases. They have to be safe, and go back home safe. They came here to help us, but they also have to think about the traffic problems in the city which the Kabul people face daily.

So I hope these organizations move around the Kabul city - they will be much safer and they will also enjoy the clean environment of the suburbs. We like to have these friendly organizations in our city, but the Kabul streets are not wide enough to put up barriers. There are already more than 10 ministries inside this small city, and the people are asking the government to move these ministries around the city or expand the city. If these streets were wide enough for both traffic and security barriers, then for sure I would support their presence inside the city.
It sounds like home! I know this may sound insensitive, but when the only problem you have after going through 30 years of war is traffic jams? Man, what a normal way of life!

Now to the traffic jams. I hate them. Period.
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