Saturday, January 28, 2006

NGAUS Legislative Alert

January 19, 2006

The Issue: Proposed National Guard Force Reductions

Immediate Action Required: Contact your Senators and ask them to support and sign the Senate Guard Caucus letter to Secretary Rumsfeld

Force Reduction: Recent reports have indicated that the Department of Defense is planning to ask Congress to cut the size of the National Guard in its Fiscal Year 2007 budget request. The cuts would shrink the Army National Guard by 17,000 and reduce the Air National Guard by an unspecified number. The National Guard Association of the United States strongly opposes this action.

The Pentagon's proposal would undermine the Guard's ability to fulfill its diverse mission. We urge you to contact your Senators and ask them to sign Senators Bond and Leahy's "Dear Colleague" letter that asks Secretary Rumsfeld to reconsider these proposed cuts.

A complete summary of documents pertinent to the proposed action is available on the NGAUS home page - Click "DoD Considers Guard Cuts"

PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING ACTION: By using WRITE TO CONGRESS that can be accessed from the NGAUS web page you can contact your Congressional Members via e-mail and send a pre written message immediately by entering your zip code in the available space provided or you can write your own.

Some Congresspeople and Senators will not respond to this, however. Find their addresses by looking on our site, put in your zip code, and you should be able to be good to go.

Contact friends and family and urge them to support the Guard Family as well.

Any questions please call Scott Hommel, NGAUS Deputy Legislative Director at 202-454-5307.

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