Friday, March 10, 2006

Two Stories, Two Countries, One Goal

Afghan Ministries Participate in First Joint Security Seminar

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Ministries of Defense, Interior and Counter-narcotics participated in the first Security Sector Strategies Joint Seminar from Feb. 20 to 22. Senior leaders from the three ministries discussed the current Afghan National Military Strategy and began the process of developing a National Internal Security Strategy.

Photo by Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan Public Affairs Office
Ministry of the Interior leaders join their counterparts from the Ministry of Defense and Counter-narcotics to learn techniques for developing Security Sector Strategies. This is the first in a series of joint training seminars that sets the stage for major reforms soon to take place in the Afghanistan Security Sector.

The three-day joint seminar marks an important milestone for MOI and MOD cooperation. Participants included Gen. Abdul-Rahim Wardak, Minister of Defense; Engineer Zerar Ahmad Muqbil, the acting Minister of Interior, and Gen. Khodaidad, the Vice- Minister for Counter-narcotics. [continue reading]

Engineer Helps Upgrade Baghdad International Airport; Man-made Oasis at Camp Victory.
By Norris Jones
Gulf Region Central District
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Photo by Norris Jones, Army Corps of Engineers
Arbor Drinkwine, Resident Engineer with Gulf Region Central District in Baghdad, Iraq, said after years of neglect, the beautiful French-designed Baghdad International Airport was dilapidated. Renovating the airport and bringing it up to international standards has been a signature project.

Baghdad, Iraq – Arbor Drinkwine, Resident Engineer with Gulf Region Central District, has two signature projects that overshadow all others he’s been involved with during nearly three years in Iraq … renovating the Baghdad International Airport to bring it up to international standards and rebuilding a system of pumps and canals that keep water flowing into an oasis of lakes at Camp Victory nearby. [continue reading].

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