Monday, April 24, 2006

National Guard and Reserve Legislative Alert - April 24th

April 24, 2006

The Issue: National Guard Personnel Issues

Immediate Action Required: Contact your Members of Congress on each of the issues

The House Armed Services Personnel Sub-Committee will be marking up its bill on Wednesday April 26, 2006. This committee has oversight of military personnel matters that include; Tricare, Tricare Retirement Fee Increases and legislation to lower the retirement age at which members of the National Guard could begin to draw retirement pay.

1. TRICARE: Congressional discussions should include the elimination of categories of participation. All members of the National Guard should have the option of participating with a 28/72 percent cost share. The current law creates classes within the National Guard and those serving honorably at home are no less patriotic, no less committed to the battle than those serving overseas.

2. TRICARE Retiree Fee Increases: The National Guard Association of the United States does not support such precipitous increases to the DoD retiree healthcare system. Tell Congress to stop the implementation of any increases the DoD is attempting to put in place and suspend action on the current FY07 DoD healthcare legislative proposal.

3. Reduced Retirement Age: The current Reserve Component retirement system was established in the late 1940's when the Guard was considered a strategic reserve. Today, the National Guard is recognized as an operational force. It is time to reduce the age at which members can begin to draw retirement pay.

It is critical that all members and interested parties of these initiatives contact their elected official's. Grassroots action cannot be underestimated. Contacting your elected officials in Washington does make a difference!


By using the WRITE TO CONGRESS feature on the NGAUS web page you can e-mail your elected officials immediately and send a pre written message or edit it as you desire. This is the quickest and most effective method of expressing your views to the President or members of Congress.

Also, contact your friends and family and urge them to "Write to Congress" as well.

Scott Hommel,
NGAUS Deputy Legislative Director
Contact Number: 202-454-5307.


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