Sunday, April 16, 2006

Provincial, Coalition Authorities Open School for Girls

By Combined Forces Command – Afghanistan Public Affairs Office

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Provincial and Coalition officials attended a ceremony opening a school for girls in Paktia Province on April 5.

Classes have begun at the recently constructed Patan Girls Primary School in the village of Patan. More than 300 girls are learning science, math, religion, history, language and drawing from female instructors at the school, which was built with $10,000 from the Coalition’s Commander’s Emergency Response Program fund.

Before the school was built, the girls studied under a tree.

Chamkani District has 15 schools, 11 of which have female students. In addition, the Afghan Women’s Educational Center runs 35 satellite schools in the district’s villages, educating 931 girls.

Classes also started recently at the Samina Akbari Chamkani Girls School in Chamkani District, Paktia Province. That school was built with funds from a nongovernmental organization.

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