Saturday, May 20, 2006

Florida Guard to the Rescue

Photo by Christie Romino
Eshan Sarwari brings his son Tamim for medical treatment that will save the child's life. The journey to the United States for the life-saving heart surgery was arranged in part by Florida Army National Guard Soldiers in Afghanistan.

Florida Guard Assists in Afghan Kids' Lifesaving Treatment
By Staff Sgt. Thomas Kielbasa, USAF
Special to American Forces Press Service

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Two Afghan children are receiving lifesaving treatment in the United States, thanks in part to the efforts of members of the Florida Army National Guard serving in Afghanistan.

Earlier this year, medical personnel working with the 53rd Infantry Brigade near Kabul, Afghanistan, identified two local boys -- 2-year-old Azad Kofi and 8-year-old Tamin Sawari -- with congenital heart defects who desperately needed surgery. One soldier, Dr. (Col.) Ronald Renuart Sr., evaluated the children. Renuart was on the medical team assigned to the brigade functioning as lead for Combined Joint Task Force Phoenix IV, at Camp Phoenix.

Renuart, who as a civilian doctor practices osteopathic medicine in Jacksonville, Fla., said the children's outlook was grim if they did not receive proper treatment. [continue reading]

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