Thursday, June 22, 2006

News around the world: At War

Fox News - Zawahiri issues new video. Calls on Afghans to rise against 'invading' U.S-led forces after riots.... Call to Resistance

Fox News - More than 500 chemical weapons found since 200, Pentagon report says....Report: WMDs Found in Iraq

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Sailor Innocent in Iraqi's Death?
17 Hostages Freed; Marines Killed
New Al Qaeda Video Shows Alleged 20th Sept. 11 Hijacker
Al Qaeda in Iraq Leader Killed in Airstrike Near Where U.S. Troops Went Missing
Somalia Islamic Leaders Deny Ties to International Terrorism
Group: New Al Qaeda in Iraq Leader Killed GIs
Al Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Kidnapping of GIs
Zarqawi's Death Helps Investigators Learn More About Al Qaeda
New Tape Calls Zarqawi Death 'Great Loss'

News from AP:
Democrats want change in Iraq
White House seeks prompt reply from Iran
Allies watch for N. Korea missile activity
Marine said shocked by murder allegations
Pentagon withheld info on troops' deaths

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