Thursday, July 27, 2006

Controlling security in Baghdad key to security throughout Iraq

In a radio interview with NPR, Army General John Abizaid discussed the situation in Baghdad. He believes that the sectarian fighting is a 'grave threat', and it is a decisive time for the people of Iraq and our operation.

He agrees with me that we must stabilize the country before we even think of leaving. This shall be a difficult task between Sunnis and Shias who are trying to gain the supremmacy in Iraq. Much of the murdering is revenging from hold back, but will not stay out of the fight. Also, the Iranian government is also involvement.

Please, read the rest of this article at Multi-National Force. It is a truer reality that the dinosaur media has been willing to discuss and what is reporting that is happening, as well as what is needed to yet be done.

Category: Press Release, Terrorism and Iraq.

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