Friday, July 21, 2006

Two Iraqi Force raids in Baghdad net four insurgents

Yesterday's Operation Gaumgamela went splendidly. There were no causulties, and 4 high level terrorists. These two operations were performed by the Iraqi Forces. Good job.

One is 'allegedly' a leader in the planning and coordination of operations. The next one is 'allegedly' a leader in financing and supplying the weapons used in the operations. The third 'alleged' terrorist is one of the bastards who kidnapped Iraqi citizens, Iraqi Soldiers, and Iraqi police officers for ransom. This was to make money to buy more weapons, it was also a cowardly, pitifully, shameful thing to do. Animal. I am so glad he's off the street.

The weapons seized in this part of the operation were: 3 AK-47 assault rifles, and 3 9mm pistols. I have no doubt that is not their only weapons.

That is what occured in one area of operations. In another area, they captured an animal who sold material and even the actual IED's to the terrorists and insurgents.

Editor's Note: Some people deal drugs to your children, these creep sells bombs. I'd like to see them all dead. No more Gitmo, so everyone can shut-up about it. Just kill them on the spot.

To read the press release, please visit DoD Daily News-2. To visit the actual release, please visit CENTCOM.

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