Monday, August 07, 2006

Military and NGAUS News

My goodness, the Iraqi Army and our troops have been very busy capturing and killing terrorists (even some al Qaeda). Bravo! Here is taste of these articles:

Security forces targeted associates of a terrorist leader who is reported to be linked with attacks against Iraqi civilians, security forces and Coalition troops. This individual is reported to have significant links to several high level al–Qaida in Iraq leaders. Credible intelligence has indicated that he had been attempting to obtain rockets for a future attack. [continue reading]

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces successfully targeted and killed a wanted terrorist during a raid in Baghdad July 26[, 2006]. [continue reading]

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces successfully targeted and captured a wanted terrorist leader during a raid in Mahmudiyah July 27. [continue reading]

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces successfully targeted and detained two senior al-Qaida in Iraq leaders and three other suspected terrorists during multiple raids in central and northern Iraq on the morning of July 29. [continue reading]

BAGHDAD – Soldiers from 4th Battalion, 1st Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, captured four suspected terrorists near the Al Najma Mosque in Baghdad’s Kadamiyah district at approximately 5 p.m. Sunday. [continue reading]

BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers foiled a kidnapping attempt by four men disguised as Iraqi policemen in southeast Baghdad early today. [continue reading]

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces killed at least three terrorists during an air strike and multiple raids southeast of Baghdad the afternoon of Aug. 3. [continue reading]

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces successfully targeted and captured all three terrorists that they were seeking, plus 10 suspects during a raid northwest of Ramadi August 3. [continue reading]

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces wounded one suspected terrorist and captured eight other suspects during simultaneous raids near Baqubah early July 4. [continue reading]

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces captured six men associated with terrorist activity, wounding one, during a raid northwest of Fallujah July 3. [continue reading]

Now there are four messages from NGAUS. Three of them are legislative, one is notes.

NGAUS Legislative Update.
Joint Cargo Aircraft: Legislative Alert: #06-12.
Presidential Reserve Call-Up (PRC) Authority: #06-13.
NGAUS Notes.

(I'm having a computer freeze, so I am going to publish this unfinished. If I pull the page down, I will lose all my work! :) Thanks. Got it.

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