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Iraqi Forces target 'Death Squads'

Release Date: 8/2/2006
Release Number: 06-08-02P
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This is a fabulous operation which took place at Balad. They captured seven individuals altogether in the four raids, three of them are high level targets.

This was an early-morning raid into four seperate areas of Baghdad. What is pleasing to me is that the Iraqi Forces took the lead in each raid, with the Coalition Forces standing by for support. Just in case...

What they found in each area is telling. In the area of Ashulla, they captured the 'leader' of several cells which conducts IED's, traffics weapons, and kidnaps, tortures, and murders Iraqis Soldiers and civillians. It is also believed that in May, he watched on as they conducted the murder of the 14 kidnapped Soldiers in one of their 'punishment cells.'

In the al Rasheed area, they captured two of the targeted high level punks. One of them is 'allegedly' an insurgent (terrorist) informant who actively participates in the killing of civillians. The second idiot is the a**hole who attacked the Baghdad International Airport with a mortar, ALLEGEDLY. I have come to hate that word.

When are we going to treat OUR men like this? No, they are guilty! Guilty, yells Murtha. Cold-blooded murderers. No, Murtha. They are better than you ever thought of being.

Please excuse my little outburst, but I've just about had it with kid-gloves we treat these terrorists once we capture them. Then we shackle our own men before there are even any charges? Something smells very badly here.

Back to the GOOD NEWS. :)

The idiot who mortared the Airport, also trafficked weapons and IED's, and murdered innocent citizens. It's a good thing to have animals like this off the streets of Baghdad.

In the Ghazaliya area, some Iraqi Army scouts (can anyone say, 'Special Forces? lol) captured a cell leader with two others that were with him. Like the rest of them, he dealt with IED, rocket-propelled grenades and the murder of innocent citizens. They had no preference in whom they murdered. Just as long as they had blood on their hands.

Hang 'em high, guys.

To read the actual press release, you may go to the press release link which is atop of this article, or you may go to my site for this press release. :)

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