Thursday, July 27, 2006

Much Activity in Iraq in the past few days

I have just copied some articles from the press releases for you. (Each word has a link to a different press release.) Many weapons, terrorists, and Iraqis coming forward with tips about where the terrorists are hiding. This appears to be happening more frequently. I do believe the Iraqi people truly are tired of these attacks by whoever is doing them.

If you have time today, and even if you do not, I highly recommend you go read ITM. If you want to know what the mood is in Iraq, this is a good place to start. They are usually optomistic, but they will also tell us what the rest of the world will not. They are also very insightful.

This last article which is written by Mohammed is an inside view of a normal Iraqi on a regular day. Yes, they speak about politics. Can you imagine not being able to even whisper the word 'politics' for so long? Now, it is a favorite topic for some. This is an article we should all pay heed to because he covers a wide range of dealings. Some good, some bad, some innovative, some just because they may happen. Give it a good going over. Then read the one before it written by Omar, his brother!

While we are capturing many terrorists, maybe one or five at a time, there are still many more prepared to take their place. I wish we could take all the Iraqis which we knew were not terrorists or insurgents and put them somewhere safe. Then I would like go Israel on them!

Why are we messing around? If we are going to have our men murdered and butchered because we don't want to 'offend' someone, that's bs. I know there are many things going on over there that I am not privy to, and I am grateful for that. I know they are risking everything for us, and I am so grateful and proud of them.

I just get a little upset when they end up in the brig without any charges with chains on them. I mean, damn. The terrorists get treated better than that! Have I gone all over the world in this one little article? lol. Sorry about that.

Thank you for stopping by, and don't forget to read the press releases. There truly is good news in there, along with a little bad news. If you would like to know where you can go to find out for yourself about this news, just go here. Keep your head down, and I'll see ya on up side.

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