Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Iraqi police, less insurgents, more security

Influx of Iraqi police in small Euphrates River town means more security, less insurgent activity. 17 Aug. 2006, By Sgt. Roe F. Seigle, 1st Marine Division

BAGHDAD — After 30 recent graduates from the Iraqi police academy came to Baghdadi, Iraq, residents in this Saddam-era military housing complex are expressing interest in joining the police force because they are noticing a decrease in insurgent activity.

Marines with the Hawaii-based 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, or “America’s Battalion”, are combating the insurgency with local police officers – who recently received “much needed” new gear to get the job done – pistols, protective vests, rifles and batons to use while patrolling the city’s streets.

Soon they will receive radios and police cars, said Maj. Eric Kelly, 36, the commanding officer of Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment – the U.S. military unit which provides security here and mentors the city’s local police and soldiers.

Now that soldiers are manning traffic control points in and out of the city and more police are patrolling the streets with Marines, insurgents do not have the same mobility they had months ago to plan and carry out attacks in this city of 30,000 nestled on the Euphrates River northwest of Baghdad, said Kelly. Full Story.

Thanks to: 1LT Anthony Deiss
Public Affairs Officer
US Central Command.

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