Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Islam, conquering Americans from within?

I was told by a Muslim this week, that I needed to "get over September 11". Get over it he said. I suppose he is going to 'get over' his hatred for Israel, or get over his drone-like love of the Palestinians? Right! September 11 was a defining moment for the United States but it also accomplished exactly what Muslims wanted it to accomplish. Since 9/11 the acceptance of Islam, the teaching of Islam, the tolerance for Islam has all increased in the United States.

Kurdish Media in this article says, "Today the West is being the victim of their own values, such as freedom of speech and _expression, so that Muslims are using ‘Democracy’ as a tool and taking advantage of democracy to disseminate Islam to all the corners of the world."

After 9/11 many Muslims complained that Islam had been hijacked by Fundamentalism, and many Muslim leaders and political leaders publicly dissociated themselves from radical Islam, but behind closed doors they still continue to preach against the Westerns’ values. Many Muslims are thinking that the war is against Islam, but actually 9/11 accomplished one of their objectives, the application of universal Islamic values, particularly the jihad. After 9/11 thousands of books have been published, and many non-government organizations and Islamic centers have been established to teach Islam to infidels using American tax money. Numerous conferences have been held under the Interfaith Dialogue or Rumi Organization to disseminate Islam. [snip]

According to U.S. news online, there are approximately 6 million Muslims in the United States and an estimated 1,450 mosques in the United States. Just in the Washington area there is a population of more than 50,000 Muslims including more than 30 mosques and Islamic centers According to John Esposito, a well-published professor at Georgetown University, the heaviest Muslim population live in the states of Texas, California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland Michigan Ohio, and Virginia. According to Martha Sawyer Allen, the number of Muslims soon will surpass the number of Methodists, and by year of 2010 the population of Muslim will reach more than 16 million. The estimated conversion rate among Americans is 135,000 per year. [snip]

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