Thursday, November 02, 2006

'Combat not Surrender': Enemy speaks to weakness

With every attack against our president (by Congress), you are attacking yourself, virtually. You do not realize that the enemy is listening. For those of you who do know the threat and do it anyway? Shame on you. Is it okay to disagree with the president and/or his policies? Of course! I do it all the time. There are different ways to disagree, however.

The best way to disagree is to offer another, intelligent, alternative and concise plan without the sarcasism in your tone of voice which turns people off. I avoid people like you who are angry and pessimists all the time. You are a waste of my time, and you are without constructive critisism.

There is another recent tape that has been released by the terrorists, and they have heard all the threats against our president you've made. They have listened. They have learned. How do you honestly expect our president to protect you when you won't allow him to do so?

Over at The Counter Terrorism Blog, they have an article that displeases me. Not because they have it, rather, because of what it says. This information can be found at Laura Mansfield's site.
Here is your number one enemy after they spread their arrogance and conceit has admitted with all humiliation that its decision to go into Iraq was wrong. We ask him, how did you discover that its decision to go into Iraq was wrong and when?
Is it after your planes got tired of flying back and forth carrying thousands coffins of the dirty bodies of the soldiers who were killed by the loyal and faithful? Is it after you wasted all your billions and then found out that the money is going nowhere?

Is it after you discovered that Islamic nation is a nation of belief and principle, sacrifice and power, it is the nation that will never give up its principles, a nation that will never be led by any outsiders.

We tell you that you will discover soon that your decision to go into Afghanistan was wrong too. Know that your support to the state of Israel is wrong as well. Also know that your decision to go to the Arab peninsula, the birthplace of the message and the land of divine inspiration was wrong as well. You still admit and acknowledge that this nation is a nation of steadfastness and sacrifice and undefeated power that will never bow to its enemies despite their tyranny and arrogance. History will give you the lesson about our events, our states and our battles."
You may also download the video from her site.

Hat tip: Andrew Cochran of The Counter Terrorism Blog and Laura Mansfield of

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