Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thinking Right interviews Soldier in Iraq

Jim Cannon of Thinking Right has interviewed Sgt. Kane, an American National Guard Soldier fron Nebraska who is in Iraq. He recommends to the people who would like to help to read He would like us to know that there is much more to Iraq than just body counts. You really should read this interview by clicking onto Thinking Right. Thank you.

Editors Note: In my words: has many people from the Military who are writing about how they feel, what they think, and how the impatience of the people back home affects them. They also write about the press and it's inability--or denial--to see anything good coming out of Iraq.

This is simply not true that there is nothing good coming out of Iraq. There is a great deal of good news coming out of Iraq. We have captured/killed thousands of al Qaida, built schools, hospitals, energy plants for the Iraqi civillians, vaccinated almost all the children, brought books, toys for the children, and we support our troops. We send care packages, because they are there on our behalf so we may remain free. I thank God for them. Do you?

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