Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Liberians in U.S. finding way home

Since Charles Taylor was forced to leave Liberia in 2003, this sister country to the USA has been having small successes while trying to recover from decades of war. Here is just two of the amazing people with their own stories about finding their way back home.

Ciata Victor and Henrique Caine are doing this in their own way, but they have both returned home. Only Henrique has kept his home in the States with his wife and children, while Ciata sold her condo, gave up her high paying job and moved home.

They are both entrepeneurs. Ciata has started her own Internet Cafe, and Henrique is still working on starting up a construction equipment rental company. Please read more about these two people who miss their home and are now able to return. All with a little help from their friends, the United States of America.

If that link no longer exists, try this one. Have a nice day.

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