Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mahmudiyah project boosts economy

By Norris Jones
Gulf Region Central District

BAGHDAD — Mahmudiyah’s mayor wants to chart a new course and believes a signature project for his community would be welcome news.

Mayor Muayid Fadil Hussein Habib is viewing several possibilities including a Vocational Technical College , a soccer stadium, and a vegetable and fruit processing factory.

“My hope is that we can convince Iraqi and American officials to invest here in a facility that will have a meaningful impact for decades to come,” Muayid said. “These projects would employ local people not only in the construction phase, but would benefit our area and help the local economy as a lasting legacy,” he noted.

He was also hopeful that a facility like a Vocational Technical College would encourage other small industries to open in his community, such as a new cement plant or metal fabrication shop. Full Story.

If you find it hard to read the CENTCOM version, you may read it here.

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