Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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Petraeus Supports Troop Increase in Confirmation Hearing
WASHINGTON – President Bush’s pick for command of Multinational Force Iraq today supported the new strategy for Iraq , emphasizing that additional U.S. forces are essential in accomplishing the mission there. Read More.

ISF receive leadership training
TIKRIT, Iraq — A new non-commissioned officer course in Tikrit graduated its first class of Iraqi soldiers from the 9th Battalion, Strategic Infrastructure Brigade on Wednesday. Read More.

Mahmudiyah project boosts economy
BAGHDAD — Mahmudiyah’s mayor wants to chart a new course and believes a signature project for his community would be welcome news. Read More.

More Stories:
Iraq Electrical Grid gets a Boost.
100 Terrorists Killed, 50 Detained in Operation Turki Bowl.
82nd Airborne's 2nd BCT Steps Up Security in Baghdad.

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