Friday, January 19, 2007

Bush 'Considers' Pardoning Border Agents

I have written a post over at Knickerbocker News earlier today about President Bush' 'possible' pardon.
    There has been a travesty, and Rep. Duncan Hunter-along with many others-are trying to remedy this. Two Border Patrol Agents have been sentenced to 11 years and 1 day (Jose Alonso Compean) and the other Agent is to serve 12 years (Ignacio Ramos) on January 17, 2007.

    Of all the nonsense, they are imprisoned for doing their job. We should should all be afraid that we are losing our borders. Especially when our own government imprisons us for fighting to keep our own property, our borders, and safety from drug dealers.

    President Bush may pardon these men, but they will no more plead guilty than apologize. They did nothing wrong, in my opinion. You enter my country illegally, you sell your poisin to our children, you take jobs from our children, and you are not a USA citizen. You do not have any rights guaranteed under OUR constition! How dare you, and how dare our justice system for prosecuting these men for shooting him in the buttocks. It's about time someone stood up to the plate.

    Source: Fox News. If this link is no longer available, try this one.
I would like to add my opinion, as if I was able to write without it. This is affecting the morale of our Border Patrol. Would you like to work for a boss that throw you in jail for doing your job? Then call President Bush at 1-202-456-1111 and express your anger. This should never have gone this far. After all, why should illegal aliens have more rights than USA citizens?! Outrageous...

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