Friday, January 12, 2007

Two interviews from the Military

Today I have two interviews with our Military men. The first one I have had for a while, but I was ill. I do believe you will enjoy it just the same. This Captain's name is Benbow:
    What do you think of the Iraq Study Group report?

    Captain Benbow:
    “I have not read the report yet, I have only heard discussions on TV and read more discussions in the blogosphere. However, my impression so far is that it is worthless, as they apparently discarded the advice they got from their military advisors. I do think it makes some good recommendations with respect to the military advisor teams in Iraq, but the overall strategy (majority of combat brigades out by 2008) is inherently flawed. It is not a strategy for victory, it is a strategy for capitulation and submission.”[Read the whole interview]
This interview is in three-parts. This Sgt.'s name is Aaron Sanderson. Starting with the first-part:
    Q: A bit about you personally, as you are able: age? marital status? educational attainments? civilian jobs? reason for enlisting? When I post this interview, how should I refer to you?

    A: Well, I’m a 31 years old and married. I have 125 semester hours towards my Bachelors degree. In the civilian world I work for a large software company in their corporate support department doing phone support for their network security products. I enlisted in November of 2001, it was a slow time in the computer industry and joining the National Guard had been something I had intended to do, but had never got around to. As for how to refer to me; Aaron, SGT Sanderson or Sanderson works. [Read the whole interview.]
If you have difficulty reaching the other two parts of the interview, please email me. I'm trying to get caught up, so please be patient. Have a great day.

Update: I have collected the other two parts of the first interview for you below:I hope this helps. Have a great day.



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