Monday, January 01, 2007

Somali, Ethiopian troops conquer al Qaida's last stand

The Islamic Court Union (ICU) who fled Mogadishu to go to Kismayo, this 'enemy of peace' has successfully been cleared from the rest of Somalia this morning. Hundreds of the Islamists broke away from the group to loot the weapons they left behind. It is being reported that they are headed towards the Kenya border/harbor.

So what is Somalia, and what will happen to it now? A little backgroung may be helpful.

Somalia was first given its independence from both the British and the Italians July 1, 1960. It was known as the Republic of Somalia. In 1969, a coup headed by Mohamed SIAD Barre ushered in an authoritarian socialist rule that managed to impose a degree of stability in the country for a couple of decades. (CIA's definition: 'stability')

This government was taken over by a coup in early 1991. There is no mention to be found about the USA's to feed the people after the severe drought the year before. Then again, they did say the UN stayed until 1995! HA! They were never there. Anyway, al Qaida started their group there, but they were not the first terrorist organization to murder people. In the 1960's, we started seeing terrorism from the PLO and Hizbullah. We are still dealing with them until this day.

In order for Somalia to reach any kind of semblance of national unity, President Gendi has ordered all weapons are to be handed in withing three days. This may or may not be such a good idea, since there is a possibility that the Islamists may be thinking of setting up a 'shadow government.' (Courtesy of Daveed Gartenstein-Ross at CounterTerorism Blog.) We must not take our eye off the ball, and it is too soon to celebrate. Today was, in all other senses, good.

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