Friday, December 29, 2006

Death Watch: Saddam to face Allah

Pajamas Media is following the news updates on when this bastard meets the true One and Only God.

Wizbang also has an updated watch on this situation. Both are doing a very well job of gathering the news about this hanging.

Curt at Flopping Aces has captured my attitude quite well. Great job! He is also keeping up with the news. You may want to see his site, because he has some evidence there that may convince you that this man deserves to die. We may need to be reminded, but the Iraqis do not.

I have been told, however, that Saddam will not be turned over to the Iraqis until the time of the hanging for obvious reasons. One is that we do not want him to get away. Secondly, we want to make sure this is done without any problems. After all, we deserve to see this bastard die for all the people he has murdered.

He may be hanging now for the crimes against humanity he committed against some of the Kurds, but make no mistake about it. He has murdered, tortured, raped, and had people grinded in a meat grinder while they were alive time and time again. They number in the millions.

At least one million in the Iraq-Iran war. Then there was the gassing of the Kurds. Let us never forget that crime. He also crushed the Shias in 1992 when they rose up against him to regain their freedom. I am ashamed that our government did not help them. I pray for their forgiveness.

I also pray that in some small way this will help to heal some of the wounds that have remained open until this time. Let this unify Iraq, and please God, bring stability to this litte region of the Middle East. Help them to grasp the meaning of a republic. Help them to understand that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Lord, help them to fight for freedom along side us and not against us. Thank You.

Update: I believe they should wait until Monday due to the religious overtones. The Sunnis believe that today is the day of the sparing of a life, while the Shias believe that Sunday is the day of the sparing of a life. To make sure that no one is outraged by not following this tradional religious ceremony, what would it hurt to wait a couple day?

Update 2: Allahpundit has written a splendid article. He is right on top of this issue as well. As he ought to be. You see, he lived through it. Try telling him nothing happened. Try telling him Saddam is a victim. You will fall on deaf ears, you weaklings. You should be ashamed of yourselves for not recognizing crimes against humanity when you see them.

I write continuously about Darfur, Sudan. Everyone wants our Military to go into there and make it stop. Do you realize it is Muslim against Muslim? It is a civil war between rival warlords. Why is that okay and this is not? I do not understand you. Yes, I still support Darfur. I am supporting them in my own way for the cause, and we are winning. Do you think you can now give President Bush and Ambassador John Bolton a little credit for all the hard work they did? You people bother me immensely.

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