Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Milblogger comes out of surgery, one more

I found this over at Blackfive's (not really, I get his feed), and I knew you would like to know about it.
    First, a quick update on the surgery: They were not able to get everything done today that they had wanted, so there will be one more surgery on the left hand -- hopefully the last.

    Second, a little birdie has let me know of a very nice thing being done by some people who want to show their gratitude for JR's service. A fund has been set up that probably will come in very handy later, especially with those things that come up and are not covered by insurance and such, and if you want to show your gratitude, contact:

    JR Salzman Fund
    Associate Bank
    10526 Main Hayward, WI 54843

    Not out of pity, nor even sadness, but in thanks for service and survival.

Our prayers are with you also. Get well.

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