Saturday, January 13, 2007

Most Iraqis Get Bush' Plan

I've just finished reading Mohammed's post over at Iraq the Model. I must say, these are some wiser people than we have in Congress! It is a little lengthy, but it is well worth your time.

Please pay special attention to his relative who is leaving Haifa Street:
    I asked her if she thought that harboring insurgents and outlaws was the problem in the first place and she agreed "yes, but what are we supposed to do! We don't trust the government's forces either. The police and army say they are here to protect us from terrorists and the militants say they are here to protect us from militias; we're stuck between two fires here!"
Also, there is a part that brought tears to my eyes:
    Al-Inizi said "Iraq is not an American state and Bush must consult with us before making such decisions about sending troops…" to which al-Alusi responded by saying "We have an elected prime minister and he was consulted…you and others like yourself wouldn't be sitting here had America not helped us. They are trying to protect this democracy and they possess what they can offer to help us with the security situation, but what do you have?? Cut the nonsense, ok? Do you think the parliament wants to vote about this? Fine, let's ask everybody if they want such voting…"

    There was only silence in the hall after this and no one said another word about voting.

    Another lawmaker from the UIA told the press that Bush was successful in identifying the problems and the ways to fix them.
[Emphasis mine.] Ayatollah Sistani also weighs in on this.

If you'd really like to know how things are going over in Iraq, why not read some Iraqi blogs? They ought to know. After all, they're living through it.



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