Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Never Knew Ye

Except for the men who served so well when the times had called upon them, 'tis to they shall I hold in high esteem. As for the rest of you fair weathered-friends, I never knew ye.

How dare you say you were with us, with liberty, only to find you can be bought off by the weight of the day. You do Churchhill a disservice. I pray he is not rolling in his grave.

This war is just beginning. You should know this due to the fact that the Muslims in your midst desire to turn your country upside down and force Sharia Law upon you!

Who do you choose to call upon when this occurs? Spain? Germany? France? Ah, but will we be able to forgive you? I have not forgiven Spain!

PM John Howard is our only true ally, as Australia has 'been with us' since our inception. They have stood with us during all major wars, and we with them. Hmm...didn't they have to rid themselves of your boot from their neck as well? Yes indeed, good-riddance slave masters.

I understand many of you will 'understand' and not be bothered by this. IRAN IS IN CONTROL OF BASRA. Are you alright with that?

Update: I keep hearing everyone trying to kiss Tony Blair's backside. Yes, he's leaving 5000 troops there. How many do we have over there right now? HMM? The press is having a field day with this. We are sending more troops over there while Britain, Denmark, etc., are pulling out.

Now wait just a cotton picking minute! I thought we were doing this unilaterally?! You mean there were others over there from different countries? Who'da thunk it! It seems funny (strange) to me that NO ONE ever spoke about this until they started to leave...when they had already made this known to us. That's right. We were paying attention. We do not listen to the tragedy TV.

So, yes. I am still angry. Why? Because Tony Blair did NOT say he was going to do this, and the Queen's grandson wants to go to Iraq. Coincidence? I think not...

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