Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Gathering of Eagles Fights On

Now that the gathering on Washington DC to protect our War Memorials is over, the battle rages onward. That is why the Gathering of Eagles has sent these alerts and articles. We must stay vigilant.

Here are the four articles I have:

Statement of Support from Appeal For Courage, written by SGT Dave Thul and LT Jason Nichols of Appeal for Courage.

Media Miss The Story Again: Historic Pro-troop Movement Surges On War Anniversary, written by Catherine Moy.

Eagle-Eyed Patriots Show Their Pride, written by Renewed America.

Gathering of Eagles National, Regional, State, and County Coordinator Call. ALERT.

We must remain vigilant in order to succeed in this GWOT and the media blitz. Alright troops, go get 'em. :)



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