Friday, March 30, 2007

NGAUS Legislative and Notes: 3/30/2007

This week in the NGAUS Notes, there is some uplifting news about the Total Force Integration (TFI). One paragraph that I found encouraging is this one:
"Total Force Integration incorporates innovative organizational constructs to create a smaller, more capable, force structure leveraging increased capability from new technology and capitalizing on the wealth of talent and experiences across the active duty, Guard and Reserve functions," said Lt. Gen. Craig R. McKinley, Air Guard director. "Ensuring a seamless capability across our three service components provides America a more lethal and capable air, space and cyberspace force."
There is also much more news. Go check it out.

In the LEGIT, we have some deadlines, some breakfastes, Congress's recess (what else is new?), and news about the letters to Congress. Don't worry. They won't get them until the troops run out of money...



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