Friday, March 30, 2007

Rule of Law to Reign Supreme for Victory in Iraq

There is a fabulous article about the path to victory that I believe everyone should read. There are three positions of contention that need to be given special attention to if we desire to see Iraq survive as a civillized nation.

The first is the judical system. When Saddam was in charge, everyone knew the verdict before they went before the court. That is no longer the case. Now when people go to court, the rule of law shall be applied fairly to each person, no matter their standing.

Secondly, the prisons need to be integrated into a place where there is no torture, no abuse, etc. These places shall be integral in the success for a trusted judical system.

Thirdly, the police need to make the Iraqi people feel as though they can trust these guys. They used to be feared, so it will take some time and effort to have this come about. These are the three legs upon which victory actually stands.

Does the military play a part? Definitely! We must keep Iraq as stable as possible for the Iraqi people to start trusting their own police and judicial system again, if not for the first time. How long will this take? I do not know. Why don't you tell me when we leave Germany, Japan, South Korea, Bosnia and Kosovo...

If the link above no longer works, try this one.

Source: CENTCOM News Feed. If you wish to have this feed, just e-mail me. I will help you to get it. Have a great day.

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