Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cause and Effect in Real Life

Since Imposing the Law began, many things have changed while many have stayed the same. Baghdad has become somewhat quieter, but that means it has become more dangerous in other areas. It is the old theory of the path of least resistance. Only now we are trying to weed out those areas. In the meanwhile:
In the west, particularly in Anbar, the Anbar Awakening Council announced the capture of what appears to be an intelligence treasure. This is what sheik Hameed al-Hayis, a member of the Council told al-Sabah yesterday:
    We captured so many of their document and these contain the names of al-Qaeda groups in the province, the letters that were exchanged among those groups, the surveillance reports they were filing to their Emirs about civilian people of Ramadi like clerics and college students as well as details of trials [and executions] to which innocents were subjected.
The al-Qaeda terrorists in Anbar continue their campaign to terrorize the population that is turning against them. This morning another attack with a chlorine gas bomb struck western Ramadi killing and injuring dozens of civilians and policemen. [Read the whole article.]
This was a few days ago. It was 'quiet' for a day, so to speak. There were only about 10,000 (tops) of Sadr's Medhi Army--er--protesters yesterday as the rest of the people stayed home and quietly celebrated the 4th year of Independence from 'old Iraq.' That is, if they did celebrate.

Today was pretty busy as far as weapons go.
During the morning more US and Iraqi forces rushed into the scene and cordoned the area while two f-18 fighter jets and some Apache gunships patrolled above. The fighter jets withdrew after a while.

The fighting became more intense and at around 11 am several explosions were heard in the area but the cause remained unknown. [Read the whole story.]
Those are two different articles written by Omar from the ITM. He is one of the brothers who live in Baghdad, Iraq and have written on this blog since the war. They may have written before the war, but I am not aware of it. I don't think Saddam would have allowed it! Check them out. His brother's name is Mohammed, and his brother Ali no longer writes here. I cannot find his blog, but I will add it when I do. Thanks, and have a good day.

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