Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Military News: 29 May 2007

There are five articles of interest today. As we know, there was a Cedar Revolution after PM Hariri was assassinated. It was a peaceful, for the most part, revolution. The only problem being that once Syria was finally out of there, Hizbullah stepped in to take their place. Now al Qaida has joined in the vacuum. This article will address some things we are doing to help the government: Airmen deliver strategic aid to Lebanese military.

This next article involves two countries trying to become friends; USA and Qatar. The US Navy will visit Qatar for a two day 'friendship' visit: USS Underwood visits Doha, Qatar. This will do well in maritime relations.

This article is one we could have, if not should have, expected. Wherever the fighting is not, the economy is thriving. This attracts many businesses whom want to participate, if only for their own benefit. But isn't that what motivates most businesses? I know it would motivate me! lol. This particular area is northern Iraq: Security in northern Iraq aids economic opportunities.

Here we have another Army paratrooper sharing his thoughts about the surge and how it working or not: Army paratroopers share thoughts on surge.

I have no comment, because I am not sure of my facts. I will just introduce this: Pace Says Iraqis Must Step Up to Governance Challenge.

Everyone have a great day, and stay safe.

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