Friday, June 29, 2007

Indo-Pak arms race

Cross-posted at Rosemary's Thoughts.

This does not look good, and the place talking about it is CNN. They were talking of peace a while back, and they still may be. This is not going to help that. No, not at all. Especially since OBL may live in Pakistan!
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) -- Satellite images show that Pakistan is building a nuclear reactor that can produce weapons-grade plutonium, an American watchdog group said Thursday, warning that it could contribute to an atomic arms race with archrival India.

A picture taken June 3 shows work progressing rapidly on the reactor at the Khushab nuclear site, 100 miles southwest of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, the Institute of Science for International Security said. [Continue reading.]
Let us hope this does not heat up again...

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