Thursday, September 14, 2006

UAV Catches AIF mortar team in the act

KHAN BANI SA’AD, Iraq – Two men were detained and a small cache discovered after Coalition Forces observed, with an unmanned aerial vehicle, six men fleeing the origin of an indirect fire attack on the civilians of Khan Bani Sa’ad, south of Baqubah Tuesday.

After two mortar rounds impacted near the village, the nearby UAV observed the men fleeing the suspected origin of the attack in a gray sedan at a high rate of speed. With the help of the UAV, Soldiers from the 1-68 Combined Arms Battalion pursued the suspected mortar team.

The suspected Anti-Iraqi Forces attempted to hide the car in a palm grove then fled on foot in opposite directions. Upon arrival at the scene, 1-68 CAB detained two of the men who had jumped into a nearby irrigation canal. The unit found the sedan along with one 120mm mortar system and six AK-47 magazines.

The detainees, the vehicle, and the cache were transported to Forward Operating Base Warhorse where the detainees are being held for questioning.


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