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News Round-up: Iran

Here is the week's Daily Briefing on Iran by Doctor Zin. These links will take you to my other site where I keep the e-mail sent to me from Doctor Zin. They are the summary of the articles within each link. If you would prefer to go directly to Doctor Zin's, just click on the name of the week. You will find it at the very top of the articles. Thank you, and have a good weekend.

We want an answer from Iran by June 5, 2006 Friday, June 30, 2006.
Iran invests in $1/3 Billion to suppress its internal opposition. Saturday, July 1, 2006.
Iranian rebels blow up railway line Sunday, July 2, 2006.
Was Iran in North Korea to witness its missile launch? Monday, July 3, 2006.
Western powers set new deadline for Iran: July 12th. Tuesday, July 4, 2006.
Iranian student meets VP Cheney: Regime Change. Wednesday, July 5, 2006.
Iran Fears Assassination: Delays Talks Thursday, July 6, 2006.

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Plot to bomb NY tunnel: report

The Daily News earlier today reported that there has been an arrest in Beirut on terrorism charges. He was involved in the planning of an attack on our NYC's Holland Tunnel.
The Daily News quoted a counterterrorism source as saying officials were alarmed because the plotters allegedly got a pledge of financial and tactical support from Jordanian associates of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq before he was killed last month in a US air strike. [continue reading]
Indeed. So do you think we were just kidding when we said, "It's not a matter of if, but when"? I certainly hope so.

This report is from Australia's "The Australian." If you find the site has been moved, please go here to read the story. Thank you, and be careful.

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Terror in Africa: Somalia, Chad/Sudan and Liberia

Many of us have heard the horror stories of Sharia law, and now it is being enforced in Somalia. The penalty for not showing up to pray is death. It appears as though this seems to be the method of punishment for any perceived 'crime.' This is today's Somalia.

One such area is the Galgadud region in central Somalia. News reports say at least two people were killed late Tuesday when Islamic gunmen opened fire on scores of young demonstrators protesting a ban on viewing the World Cup. [continue reading]
In the meantime, Kofi went to Liberia this week. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. He did not listen to anyone, he has no hope, and he couldn't do anything if he wanted to. He got his photo op, though.

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) -- Hundreds of protesters demanding a war-crimes tribunal for Liberia carried fake coffins through the capital's streets Tuesday during a visit by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to the west African nation. [continue reading]
As it is right now, they do not have a tribunal set up. They have gone back 35 years to gather all the people and crimes committed. Charles Taylor is waiting cozily in the Hague for his trial. He will probably die before they even bring charges.

We also have the Chad/Sudan conflict. This one is a little more greyish. Who is fighting who? What is the truth? It is hard to tell. I don't even want to offer a guess.
N'DJAMENA, Chad (Reuters) -- Chadian rebels attacked an eastern town near the border with Sudan on Monday, but the government said its soldiers had put down the assault, killing several insurgents and taking a number of prisoners.

In turn, the rebels said they had entered the town of Ade and claimed victory for their fighters, saying they were chasing off fleeing remnants of the government force. It was not immediately possible to verify either version of events. [continue reading]
Also, I found this new site which appears very good. It covers Somalia, and there is a little more you should know. (Actually, there is a lot more know you should know, but I only have time for a little.)
During the last two weeks, the agenda of the fragmented Islamic Courts Union - now in control of Greater Mogadishu - is becoming better documented. Even so-called moderate Court leaders such as the union's chairman Sheikh Sherif Sheikh Ahmed have exposed extremist views. In an 'Awdalnews' interview distributed by afrol News, Sheikh Ahmed failed to condemn suicide bombers and the 11 September attack on the US, while condemning press freedom and ridiculing women's working capabilities.

Sheikh Ahmed in the interview also refused to go on distance to the Islamic Court Union leaders that have been put in connection with international terrorism and are presented as Islamist extremists in the Western press. In particular the commander of the Islamist militia, Adan Hashi Ayro, has been outed as a former fighter in Afghanistan and is accused of standing behind the assassination of five foreign aid workers and one foreign journalist and the desecration of the Italian cemetery in Mogadishu. [continue reading]
One more thing. The 'people' that took over Somalia are hoping to meet in Khartoum on the 14th of July. Does this mean that Sudan has been extremists all along? Why would we be dealing them then? Is al Qaeda spreading through Africa? Are they going to do it by genocide? Are we going to stand by, or are we going to tell the UN and all it's members to go to hell? These are some of the questions I would like the answers to. Have we forgotten Darfur? Anyone? Hello? Hmm...

In case those links do not work in the future, you may read the stories here:
Protesters greet U.N.'s Annan in Liberia.
Rebels, government troops battle in Chad.
International Delegation Meets Somali Islamists in Mogadishu.
Expanding Islamists put Somalia on world agenda, afrol News.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

USS Ronald Reagan Returns Home to San Diego

Today is a happy day for many of the crewmembers, thier families, and loved ones as the USS Ronald Reagan and its crew returns to San Diego Thursday after the ship's maiden voyage 6 month deployment.

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) and its crew of about 5,500 personnel departed San Diego Jan. 4 on a deployment to conduct naval operations in support of the global war on terrorism, as well as national and theater cooperative security commitments in the western Pacific.

The Ronald Reagan Strike Group is comprised of CVW-14, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 7, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Reagan, the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain (CG 57), the guided-missile destroyers USS McCampbell (DDG 85) and USS Decatur (DDG 73), the fast-combat support ship USS Rainier (AOE 7), and Explosives Ordnance Disposal Unit 11, Det. 15.

The squadrons of CVW-14 include the “Redcocks” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 22, the “Fist of the Fleet” of VFA-25, the “Stingers” of VFA-113, the “Eagles” of VFA-115, the “Black Eagles” of Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 113, the “Cougars” of Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (VAQ) 139, the “Providers” of Carrier Logistics Support (VRC) 30, and the “Black Knights” of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (HS) 4.

Reagan was commissioned in July 2003, making it the ninth Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. The ship is named after the 40th U.S. president, and carries the motto of “Peace through Strength,” a recurrent theme during the Reagan presidency. This was the maiden deployment for the Navy’s newest Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

To the men and women of the USS Ronald Reagan, "Thank you for your service!" You have served your President and nation well. And, you have lived up to the namesake of President Reagan

Sources for this article:

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oh My Goodness!

The new radio station I introduced you to ealier today was so overwhelmed by the response they received, we blew them out of the water! (Actually, we blew the IP connection.) Not to worry. WAR Radio will be back up by Saturday. Tune in and voice your opinion.

John from Stop the ACLU was there! He was a voice of reason. I was so proud of him. Very professional. Not that the others were not, but if you want to pursuade people to see things the way you see them, you must listen first. Find out what they believe so you can kindly show them the truth of their own false beliefs. Great job, John. (Or was it Jay? Do you go by both names? Hmm.) lol.

Best of everything to everyone. Especially Jack Idema. I hope to find out they've finally let you go with a HUGE apology. Yeah, I know. I'll probably see gas selling for 50 cents before that happens, but I can hope, can't I?

Happy Independence Day.

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North Korean Missiles set of fireworks with the international community

Apparently, Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea (DPRK) attempted to fire a long-range Taep’o-dong 2 ballistic missile on July 4th, but it failed after about 40 seconds in flight, several news sources indicated.

The development of the Taep’o-dong 2 is estimated to have begun at the same time as the Taep’o-dong 1, in 1990. The Taep'o-dong 2 missile is a 2-stage liquid, possible 3-stage, with a range of 6,000-9,000 km.

Along with DPRK, Pakistan and Iran have jointly worked on similar missile projects with DPRK. The Iranian Shahab-5/Shahab 6 is similar in technology and in design to the Taep'o-dong 2. Source: Missile
Threat.Com - Taep’o-dong 2

However, DPRK successfully fire several non-guided, medium-range Scud-style missiles which apparently landed in the Sea of Japan and will cause a furor with the United States' Asian ally. These were downplayed in the media as "scud type missiles" with little other information.

It is unsure if the medium - range Scud -style missiles were Taep’o-dong 1 (Daep’o-dong 1, Nodong 2, Scud X, Scud Mod. E, Rodong 2) or perhaps another advanced version of the same. The Taep’o-dong 1 is a medium-range, liquid and solid propellant, single warhead ballistic missile.

The Taep'o-Dong 1 is said to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to a maximum range of 2,000 km (1,243 miles). The Taep'o-dong 1 program has been in development since 1990 and with advance testing throughout the Clinton administration.
Perhaps Madeline Albright and others in the deposed Clinton administration could enlighten the American public on the DPRK programs developed during their reign. DPRK's successfully first test launched the Taep'o-dong 1 in 1998, which caused an outrage in Japan. Throughout the Clinton Presidential years (January 1993 - January 2001), North Korea succeeded in developing its “Nodong” missile and nuclear programs. By 1998 DPRK's “Nodong” missile had a range estimated at up to 900 miles and was capable of covering South Korea and most of Japan.

Lets not forget our globe trotting peacenix, Jimmy Carter. All of the appeasement and apologist agreements that former President Jimmy Carter made with DPRK was for naught.

One cannot blame only Clinton or Carter for their appeasement and apologist attitudes and policies regarding DPRK. It (mismanagement and miscalculation) has occurred on every American Presidents' watch for the past 30 years. America's mainstream media has short term memory and appears to not recall or care about reporting the significance of DPRK's missile tests. One has to wonder what foreign representatives were present to observe the test firing or who DPRK is planning to sell its advanced technology to.

So, for the past 30 years as the world has sat idly by, DPRK has pursued development of an ever expanding ballistic missile development program devoted to its development of a nuclear weapon delivery program.

Links for more information on DPRK Missile Technology:
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BN: NK Tests Missile

NHK Online, a Japanese newspaper, has claimed that North Korea did in fact fire a missile at 3:32am Japan Time. They do not know which type of missile was launched, but it landed in the Sea of Japan after flying for about 6 minutes. AP is also reporting this news. More to come...

Update: It turned out that NK fired 6 missiles Tuesday, and then they fired another one today. There is an ememrgency meeting the UN (HAHAHA) where they are going to try for sanctions with teeth. (Excuse me while I laugh, but what the...) One of these days, we're going to have some leaders in the world who do not play games. Maybe then we can stop all this bs.

Update 2: There is a much better recollection of events over at North Korea Zone. This is a very good site. I recommend you add it to your sidebar if you have a site.

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Happy Independence Day 2006

Thank you, all our men and women in the services and your families and other loved ones, for the freedoms you so selflessly protect and preserve for our nation. I am so proud and honored to live in the same country as you, America.

Michelle Malkin has a wonderful post up today for Independence Day. I found a new radio station through her site. It is great. It is called Wide Awakes Radio, and it even has Jack Idema (a POW in Afghanistan) on the air! He will be on again for 1/2 an hour at 10:30am.

Make sure you stop over at Michelle's sometime today. I'm sure many of our MilBlogs have beautiful and heartwarming posts as well. This is put together by Mudville Gazette (who I couldn't be more proud of!), and there are many contributors.

You should also check out Blackfive. That goes without saying, but I should say so anyway. I want to make sure he is not forgotten. Matt has a letter from the Marine's in Camp Pendleton. It is amazing. Pray for all our men and women, please.

Laughing_Wolf has a wonderful post called The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America. Wow. Highly recommended. Some of you may even find it sounds a touch familiar. I love it.

Indepundit has a wonderfully magnificant post on the Declaration of Independence. There are several links to the hot topics found in our constitution which can be found within our declaration. Plus more.

I am giving you so many links, because I know these men and women can write a much more elegant than I. It is not to my shame, but to their glory. Have a safe and blessed day.

PS: Don't drink and drive.

Update: Please swing by Dagney's Rant. She not only has a new look, she has an amazing Independence Day article. God bless you all.

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North Korea Threatens Pre-emptive Attack, what is the rhetoric all about?

Two interesting articles, one from Breitbart and one from World Net Daily discuss the North Korean situation.

In, North Korea vowed on Monday to respond with an "annihilating" nuclear strike if it’s atomic facilities are attacked pre-emptively by the United States. The North Korean threat of retaliation, which is often voiced by its state-controlled media, comes amid U.S. official reports that Pyongyang has shown signs of preparing for a test of a long-range missile. Source: Breitbart.Com

In World Net Daily, one has to question if testing the will of the United States a profitable exercise? Some analysts suggest that it is more than a coincidence that North Korea began preparations for an intercontinental ballistic missile test in the direction of the United States less than two weeks after America and its allies offered Iran new incentives for backing away from its nuclear arms program. The North Koreans have escalated the issue in the past when they wanted to gain influence. Source Reports say bargaining with Iran led to Pyongyang's missile test

At any rate, we are going to have to deal with this situation in North Korea.

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Monday, July 03, 2006



WASHINGTON, July 3, 2006--The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) called today's action by the Supreme Court halting the removal of the Mt. Soledad cross while legal appeals proceed a "major victory" for San Diego and the hundreds of thousands of Americans across the nation who support the war memorial. Justice Anthony Kennedy today granted a stay halting the court-ordered removal of the cross. The ACLJ, representing 22 members of Congress, filed an amicus brief with the high court supporting the City of San Diego's request for the Supreme Court to intervene in the case and arguing that the stay should be granted.

"This is a major victory for the City of San Diego and the hundreds of thousands of people across America who support this long-standing war memorial," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ.

"We're extremely pleased the Justice Kennedy understood the importance of issuing a stay in this case. We're delighted that the Mt. Soledad cross will remain in place while this case is fully litigated," continued Sekulow. "This action by the high court sends a powerful message to the lower courts that a removal order was premature that there are critical legal issues that need to be litigated before any action can be taken to remove this cross. This important legal development will not only keep the cross in place, but will energize the legal battle ahead to preserve this cross. It's our hope that San Diego ultimately will succeed in the appeals process and we remain committed to standing with them and supporting the legal effort every step of the way. This case is far from over."

In its friend-of-the-court brief filed with the high court, the ACLJ successfully argued: "A stay should be granted because the federal and California appellate courts should be allowed to decide the important constitutional issues raised in this case."

The ACLJ also argued that the federal district court's order squarely conflicts with an act of Congress that instructed the Secretary of the Interior to accept the Mt. Soledad cross offered by the city.

The ACLJ represents 22 members of Congress including numerous military veterans and the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California. In addition to Hunter, the other members of the U.S. House of Representatives who have signed onto the brief are: Todd Akin, Gresham Barrett, Eric Cantor, Michael Conaway, Barbara Cubin, John Culberson, Phil Gingery, Gil Gutknecht, Jack Kingston, John Kline, Kenny Marchant, Patrick McHenry, Mike McIntyre, Gary Miller, Marilyn Musgrave, Randy Neugebauer, Joseph Pitts, Jim Ryun, Todd Tiahrt, Dave Weldon, and Lynn Westmoreland.

Sekulow says the ACLJ will continue to file legal briefs as the appeals process moves forward and will continue to work to support the City of San Diego's efforts to keep the Mt. Soledad cross in place.

In addition to the brief, the ACLJ has heard from more than 170,000 Americans including nearly 30,000 Californians who have signed onto the ACLJ's national petition urging officials to preserve the memorial.

Led by Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, the American Center for Law and Justice specializes in constitutional law and is based in Washington, D.C. The ACLJ is online at

American Center for Law and Justice
P.O. Box 90555
Washington, D.C. 20090-0555
Phone: (800) 296-4529

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

President Bush's 4th of July Radio Address

PRESIDENT Bush's 4th of July Radio Address 07/01/2006: (Audio Link here) Good morning. Laura and I wish all Americans a safe and happy 4th of July weekend. I'm looking forward to spending Independence Day with members of our Armed Forces and their families at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. These brave men and women risk their lives to defend the ideals of our founding generation, and I will have the honor of thanking many of them personally for their service in freedom's cause.

In 1776, John Adams predicted to his wife, Abigail, that America's Independence Day would be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. He wrote that "this anniversary should be commemorated with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward, forever more."

Since then, generations of Americans have done just that. Each year we look forward to the family gatherings and the grand celebrations that take place across the Nation on the 4th of July. And amid the music and barbeques and fireworks, we give thanks for our freedom, and we honor the bravery and sacrifices of all those who have made that freedom possible.

On Independence Day, we recall the courage and high ideals of our Nation's founders, who waged a desperate fight to overcome tyranny and live in freedom. Recent years have brought a renewed interest in the lives and achievements of our founders, and we have learned once again that they possessed extraordinary talents, as well as ordinary human failings, which only makes their accomplishments all the more remarkable.

For the brave men and women of our founding generation, victory was far from certain. They were certain only of the cause they served -- the belief that freedom is the gift of God and the right of all mankind. The strength of their convictions made possible the birth of the free Nation in which we are blessed to live.

On the 4th of July we also honor the sacrifices made by each American generation to secure the promises of the Declaration of Independence. For more than two centuries, from the camps of Valley Forge, to the mountains of Afghanistan, Americans have served and sacrificed for the principles of our founding.

Today, a new generation of American patriots is defending our freedom against determined and ruthless enemies. At this hour, the men and women of our Armed Forces are facing danger in distant places, carrying out their missions with all the skill and honor we expect of them. And their families are enduring long separations from their loved ones with great courage and dignity. Our troops and our military families deserve all our support and gratitude, and on this 4th of July weekend, I ask every American to find a way to thank those who defend our freedom. To find out about efforts in your community, please visit the website

As we celebrate the 4th, we also remember that the promises of liberty contained in our Declaration apply to all people. Because Americans believe that freedom is an unalienable right, we value the freedom of every person in every nation. And because we are committed to the God-given worth of every life, we strive to promote respect for human dignity. Today, all who live in tyranny and all who yearn for freedom can know that America stands with them.

As citizens of this good Nation, we should be proud of our heritage, grateful for our liberty, and confident in our future. Two-hundred-and-thirty years after America declared its independence, the spirit of '76 lives on. And our Nation remains proud to carry freedom's torch. We still place our trust in the protections of divine providence. We still pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to freedom's defense. And we still believe in the promise of freedom for all.

Thank you for listening.


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