Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Calling all Military Dudes and Gals

I have approached to inform you that you are of interest to the Discovery Channel and the Military Channel here at home! Check this out:
My name is Corrie Zielinski, and I’m contacting you because I think your readers/visitors might be interested in a project that I’m working on in conjunction with the Military Channel (which is part of the Discovery Channel networks) – an Open Call for Video Submissions from Military Personnel deployed around the globe (this is in conjunction with the DOD). The Military Channel is accepting all types of video and the selected clips will air on the Military Channel beginning in mid-February. The program will be similar to the concept in My War Diary, but the footage won’t be edited. If you think that this is something your readers might be interested in, please let me know and I will pass along the actual submission information (including a link to the DOD News article).

Thanks so much for your time,

Please be nice Corrie and send him/her your very best. We have to let the people know just how great I already know you are. We have to make them understand that this a war for our lives, yours' especially, but you are doing such great things that people at home will not get to see unless you show them. So get busy and show them! Love ya. Have a great day, and Godspeed.

PS. I understand that I am a month late in delivering this message, but I do believe the offer still stands. I actually thought I had already written an article concerning this issue. As soon as I found I had not, I decided to go ahead and write one now. Please forgive my tardiness.

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