Friday, March 09, 2007

ME, Sudan, and Germany News Round-Up

Let's start off with some good news for a change, eh? Iran releases 8 women's rights activists from jail! This is a good start, but we still have to pressure Iran for the other 25 women they are still holding. If that link no longer works, try this one.

Another good news article is this: Iraqi MP: Some lawmakers to lose immunity. This could have something to do with the government official's whose son was stopped at the border while returning from Iran. The news neglected to mention that the official had his office searched on suspicious of ties with death squads. If that link no longer works, try this one.

The situation in Darfur, Sudan, has finally reached the ICC: Impunity for war crimes against women. This article confronts the daily abuses and victimization of women. If that link no longer works, try this one.

Here is an article that could be perceived as either good or bad. It depends on whether you'd like to know before hand if there is a threat to your person. Saudi authorities warn foreigners of attacks. If this link no longer works, try this one. Please be careful if you have any plans on travelling anytime soon. To find out if there is a threat level increase, check here.

Syria is not doing anything uncommon. It amazes me how so many people are surprised when they find them to be bad actors, including the USA. This time, however, it was the Belgian Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht who left the country with his hands in the air and he shaking his head. If the link no longer works, try this one.

"BERLIN: Bomb-building instructions have been found on the deleted hard drive of a computer belonging to one of the suspects in the attempted bombing last summer of two trains in Germany, a newspaper reported on Wednesday."

I found this to be partial good news. I'm still quite upset about the leader of Hizbullah's brother being released some 2 years ago. If that link doesn't work, use this one.

Update: Nathan is having an open-trackback weekend, and you MUST add this URL to your post. It is only proper! He is a very nice Christian man who I met quite a while ago (through the net, not face to face). He has very good articles, and he likes to stay on top the news as we do. You may want to add him to your blogroll, because I guarantee you will read news you may have missed. Thanks, and have a great day.

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