Monday, May 14, 2007

Military News: 14 May 2007

Here are four articles which I find rather inspiring. I hope you do, too.

This first story is one that really touched my heart. You guys rock!
CJTF-HOA members donate time, supplies and compassion to orphanage.

DJIBOUTI CITY, Djibouti – Nestled in a remote and unassuming part of the city, a local Djibouti City orphanage awaits the arrival of members from Camp Lemonier. The children who live at the orphanage are in need of supplies, donations, and most important of all…love and affection.

Prior to the group’s departure from the base chapel, the seven volunteers made up of U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Marines, made last-minute preparations for their trip to the orphanage by loading up supplies. The supplies were donated by both camp members and from a Marine master sergeant’s hometown friends who organized a donation drive to provide the children with gifts of goodwill and compassion. [Continue reading.]
Next we have a successful story of a province by the name of Maysan, albeit it does not come without setbacks and hardships.
U.S. Central Command Public Affairs.

Security authority for Maysan province was recently transferred to provincial Iraqi government. The province was the fourth to do this, and marks a milestone of 75 percent of Southeast Iraq as being transferred to provincial Iraqi control. The province had previously been under the authority of the U.K. military.

The Maysan Provincial Reconstruction Team has worked behind the scenes in all this. Not only do they work closely with Maysan officials to create and strengthen transparent and accountable government institutions, but they also advise Iraqis on promoting development in the political and economic areas, and work to help improve essential services. [Continue reading.
If this doesn't show success, I don't know what will.
Dhi Qar PRT successes showing through.

Security authority for Dhi Qar has been under Provincial Iraqi Control for almost six months now, and many successes in the province are starting to show through.

The Iraqis who live in Dhi Qar province are now finding opportunities they never had under Saddam. The Provincial Reconstruction Team, which was set up last year, has been acting as advisers to the Iraqis, helping them determine which steps will best suit them to get Iraq to stand up on its own. To accomplish that goal, the PRT has been working with many different groups in the area, from U.S. and Coalition military to foreign civilian and Iraqi nationals. [Continue reading.]
This province has been in control of themselves ever since July 2006! Wait a minute. I thought they were not standing up? Yeah, maybe those 'reporters' ought to go out there and REPORT!
Muthanna PRT under Iraqi control.

...Muthanna became the first Iraqi province to take the lead on governing its own province. This step allowed the provincial police and Iraqi Army to be the first responders’ to any crisis in the province. However, the PRT still helps the government in taking further steps to helping its people. [Continue reading.]
Please keep your prayers and hopes coming for our three missing men in Iraq. They are still alive, and we must find them. Thank you.

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